Fumio Kishida
Prime Minister, Japan
Graduated from Waseda University's School of Law in 1982. He was first elected as a member of the House of Representatives in 1993. Appointed as Minister for Foreign Affairs in 2015, serving for the longest post-war period of 4 years and 8 months. He then became the 100th Prime Minister in 2021, launching the Kishida Cabinet. He advocates for "New Form of Capitalism" and is pushing forward with growth strategies. In 2023, he hosted the G7 Summit in Hiroshima, his hometown, as the chairman.
Alexis Ohanian
Founder, Seven Seven Six &
Co-Founder and Former Executive Chairman, Reddit
Alexis Ohanian is a tech founder and venture capitalist. He's written a national bestselling book, Without Their Permission, and co-founded Reddit, one of the largest websites in the U.S. currently valued at more than $10B. In 2020 he founded Seven Seven Six, a new firm built like a technology company that deploys venture capital with over $750M assets under management. In 2022 he launched the 776 Foundation to support marginalized individuals and announced a $20M commitment to climate action through his new 776 Fellowship Program. Ohanian is also an advocate for paid family leave and the lead founding investor in Angel City Football Club.
David Ha
Co-founder & CEO, Sakana AI
David Ha is the Co-founder CEO of Sakana AI. He previously worked as a Research Scientist at Google, leading the Google Brain Research team in Japan. His research interests include complex systems, self-organization, and creative applications of machine learning. Prior to joining Google, he was a derivatives trader, serving as Managing Director and head of interest rates trading at Goldman Sachs in Japan. He obtained his undergraduate in engineering science from the University of Toronto, and a PhD from the University of Tokyo.
Fumiaki Kobayashi
Member, House of Representatives
Born in Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture, he has been focused on regulatory reforms with a political creed of 'implementing technology in society to achieve a diverse and fair society.' His current focus is on actively supporting startup policy initiatives, structural reforms in social security, and enhancing diversity within the political sphere. He served as the Deputy Minister for Digitalization and Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary in the first and second Kishida cabinets, where he established the Digital Temporary Administrative Investigation Committee.
Hajime Syacho
Video creator
Born on February 14, 1993, this ultra-free-spirited video maker comes from Tonami City, Toyama Prefecture. Adopting "freedom" as his motto, he started making YouTube videos in 2012 while attending Shizuoka University. He makes videos about whatever catches his fancy, exploring all genres, especially experimental ones. He's known for his creative, innovative videos, which have won him overwhelming support from younger audiences. As of March 2024, his main YouTube channel has hit 10.8 million subscribers.
Jeremy Howard
Co-Founder & CEO, Answer.AI
Jeremy Howard is a renowned data scientist and entrepreneur, recognized for creating ULMFiT (Universal Language Model Fine-tuning), an AI system fundamental to modern language models like ChatGPT. He's the founding CEO of Answer.AI and co-founder of fast.ai, both aimed at advancing and democratizing AI technology. Howard has significantly influenced AI in healthcare as the former CEO of Enlitic and through leadership roles at FastMail and Optimal Decisions Group. Howard is also an author and educator, contributing to AI learning through his book "Deep Learning for Coders with Fastai and PyTorch". His work spans across teaching, research, and contributions to open source projects, marking him as a key figure in AI's ongoing development and application.
Joe Betts-LaCroix
CEO, Retro Biosciences
Following an academic background at Harvard, MIT, and Caltech, inventing over 100 patents and applications, founding two prior companies with a combined 185 employees, spending 2 years as a part-time partner at Y Combinator, investing in and advising numerous biotechs, and publishing a Science paper in biophysics, Joe is now the CEO of Retro Biosciences, which uses high-throughput, high-dimensional approaches to develop therapies for diseases driven by the biology of aging.
Joichi Ito
Co-founder and board member,
Digital Garage & President, Chiba Institute of Technology
Digital Architect, venture capitalist, entrepreneur, author, and scholar. He works to respond to complex challenges such as education, our democracy and governance, and redesigning systems of scholarship and science. He has served as Director of the Media Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the U.S. and as a director of Sony and The New York Times. He is a member of the Digital Garage, Inc board of directors. He is a member of the Digital Agency's Digital Society Planning Council. He has been president of the Chiba Institute of Technology since July 2023. He is the author of many books, including "AI-Driven AI de Shinka suru Jinrui no Hatarakikata” (SB Shinsho), “(Revised Edition) Kon-niche toshiteno Technology: AI, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain” (Kodansha Bunko). Ito is currently working on a book titled “Practice of Change” (変革論) based on his Keio University PhD dissertation with the same name. Photo by Kiyoshi Mori
Ken Hasebe
Mayor, Shibuya City
Ken Hasebe graduated from Senshu University (Faculty of Commerce) in March 1996, and he is currently the Mayor of Shibuya City, Tokyo, serving since April 2015 and is in his third term. He became a Member of the Shibuya City Assembly from April 2003 to April 2015, and prior to his political career, he worked for HAKUHODO Inc. (April 1996 - September 2002) and then established “Green Bird” (an incorporated non-profit organization) in September 2002. His work at Green Bird began in areas like Harajuku and Omotesando, where he focused on cleaning the town and conducting anti-littering campaigns in over 60 locations nationwide.
Keisuke Honda
General Partner, X&KSK
Keisuke Honda is a Co-Founder and General Partner of X&KSK. Mr. Honda is a Japanese professional soccer player, former head coach of Cambodia's national team, investor and entrepreneur. He achieved goals and assists in three consecutive World Cups, which is the sixth best in history. As for investments, Mr. Honda has executed more than 200 investments globally. In 2016, he launched KSK Angel Fund (Japan focused) and in 2018 established Dreamers VC (US focused) with Will Smith. He recently launched X&KSK Fund which focuses on investing in Japanese startups with global aspirations.
Raed Khawaja
CEO & Co-Founder, Open
Meet the visionary behind Open, the mindfulness company that’s redefining the industry. With a lifelong commitment to spreading vitality, Raed has blended his personal practice of meditation, breathwork, movement, and sound — with his portfolio of building billion-dollar brands and scaling early-stage startups. Known for being one of the most creatively driven CEOs, his implementation of design principles and brand strategy has carved a new niche in the category. His perspective on the content has driven the novel mixed-methodology approach to holistic health; a gateway for people who struggle to fit mindfulness into their life.
Russell Cummer
Founder & Executive Chairman, Paidy
Russell is the Founder and Executive Chairman of Paidy, Japan's leading BNPL ("Buy Now, Pay Later") service. After becoming a Unicorn in 2020, Paidy was acquired by PayPal in September, 2021 for US$2.7 billion, the highest-valued Japanese venture M&A transaction ever. Russell is also the Founder of Tokyo-based AltX Research, a web3 company focused on Japan. Prior to founding Paidy, Russell worked at Goldman Sachs in Hong Kong and Japan.
Simu Liu
General Partner, Markham Valley Ventures
Simu Liu, renowned for his lead role in "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings," became the first Asian lead in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, winning a People's Choice Award for Favourite Action Movie Star. He starred in "Kim's Convenience," recognized for its all-Asian cast and awarded for Best Comedy Series. Liu’s first major role began with "Blood and Water," Canada's first trilingual series, and has since appeared in major projects like "Barbie," and will feature in Netflix's "Atlas" and Amazon's "Grand Theft Lotto." He is also set to star in and executive produce "Seven Wonders" for Amazon Prime Video. Liu, born in China and raised in Canada, is a bestselling author with his memoir "We Were Dreamers" and is currently developing long-form projects under his 4:12 Entertainment banner, through which he has previously directed, produced and optioned content for film and digital.
Susumu Fujita
CEO & President, CyberAgent
Susumu Fujita founded CyberAgent in 1998 when he was 24 years old, and he became the youngest president (at the time) in history to list on the TSE Mothers in 2000, at age 26. Since its founding, he aims to create a company that achieves high growth in the internet industry with the vision of "to create the 21st century's leading company" and has been engaged in numerous businesses ranging from the TV for the future "ABEMA," internet advertising, and mobile games.
Yasuhiro Kurokawa
Operating Officer Shibuya Development Business
Division Urban Business Unit, Tokyu Land Corporation
Yasuhiro Kurokawa is the Operating Officer Shibuya Development Business Division Urban Business Unit at Tokyu Land Corporation. He joined Tokyu Land Corporation in 2008 and engaged in the real estate fund business. Since 2017, he has been involved in the company's startup businesses, notably bringing "Plug and Play Japan" to Shibuya and serving as the President of the operating company for the exclusive shared office "Business Airport." He has managed multiple business sectors, including logistics, airports, IR (Integrated Resorts), real estate sales, and REIT, and has been in his current position since 2022.